Sink hole advice need help

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I need some advice on a property. This property I am looking at has a "active sink hole" is it something serious or just petty. Can the sink hole affect the house, affect insurance, and also is it worth putting in a offer taking a chance or let it go?

The property and info is below

@Logan Larochelle   There are very few problems I will outright avoid, if I can discount the offer enough and get it accepted. This is one of those. I would run, not walk. Too many unknowns and liabilities and they won't even let you look at it.

I agree with the others.

There's a reason why they suddenly dropped the price 35K - 31%, instead of in increments

yea I noticed the 35k drop, I was thinking maybe I can come in even lower, but it sounds like maybe a sink hole is nothing to take a chance in

@Logan Larochelle  Just in case you go ahead and make an offer I would have the property checked out

Before making a final commitment

Found these listed  on the internet

Do not know anything about them  it's a start

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