Confidently Analyzing a Deal w/ Little to No Comps

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Im would like to know some ways to accurately analyze a property in a timely manner given say 1-2 comps sold within 1 year in a half mile radius and widely spread square footages. I read that a realtor or an inspector are ways to find out so I would also like to know if it would make sense to call multiple realtors with no intent of using all but maybe one of them and asking for their evaluation on the property(s), what they think they would sell for, ect.. Would they even bother taking the time to do so? Same with an inspector. Eager to hear how others handle this dilemma to confidently make an offer.

Try contacting the realtors and local appraisers.   There may be some here on Bigger Pockets that can help you out.   

Try using this site. Its free. For me it comes within 5% of MLS comps. Its pretty good

@Gerald Harris  this is like when your math teacher first shows you the long drawn out way to solve a problem, then shows you the 10 second way to plug it into the calculator... Thank you lol

But can it provide data I can use to justify my offer or evaluation to say a hard money lender and the seller if he/she asks. It doesn't really detail how it gets that number which is in fact the same number as zillow estimates. @Gerald Harris  

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