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Good Morning BP,

I am looking in the Gainesville area for a FSBO hoping to do a seller finance. I am currently working in that area and see where there is a market that is very high due to the employees and colleges in the area. I have met so many people who came in for school and just stayed, started their own business or received a job offer. Not to mention, I am told the property taxes which is supposedly one of the highest in Florida. I figure working in the area I do not want to remain in a rental apt, so the best bet would be to purchase something that makes sense and when I leave the area I could add it to my portfolio of rental properties. BP what are some of the creative options to approach a FSBO purchase short of asking the seller to hold the mortgage. Thank you

Sure, no problem, I'll repost 8,326 posts on the topic. LOL

A more specific question is more likely to get a response.

Try searching "FSBO seller financing" "Dodd Frank" "Subject to" read, study the topic, ask specific questions that won't require volumes to be written.

Sorry, but your question is like asking, "what's the best way to select a college to further my education".  :)

I apologize for asking the question. Did not expect a rude response. Next time I will search and not ask. Thank you. 

I would think if its FSBO they would be willing to write a seller carryback note to you if you could not get a traditional mortgage. I would suggest Craigslist for that city for looking for a seller as well as posting your own wanted to buy: For Sale By Owner with seller financing.

We are not all rude here...

Thank you Christoper. Appreciate the response. 

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