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Greetings - I usually always end up speaking with the City and County on most all commercial investments and developments during my feasibility/analysis phase. I also usually spend a good chunk of time doing other analysis. I am curious if other real estate investors/developers on here have developed a "system" of how best to efficiently utilizing the City/County's different departments (Planner, Economic Development, Permits, Building,etc). I have a worksheet of questions I am always asking per each department as to not need to get them to call me back a second time (you never know how long some of these departments will take to respond). Every time I analyze a new scenario/opportunity I end up with new questions on my list. Does anyone have a list of their questions they usually run through they wouldn't mind sharing? I am sure it would benefit a lot of newer investors/developers. I realize the knowledge and information each of these departments has will vary from State/County/City. If anyone has any special insight (something that happens differently than the "average/normal" in regards to State/City/County, Research/Questions/Answers) in Washington State, Oregon or Idaho - knowing that would also be extremely helpful for my investment/development feasibility/analysis as those are locations of primary interest. Thank you much to every/any who share their knowledge/experience!

I suppose I have a sort of follow-up to that question to the previous: Where do consulting companies and commercial/developer appraisers find their knowledge to draft their Market/ Feasibility Studies, ie:  evaluating local economic conditions and forecasting future supply/demand equilibrium. I understand the portion of the reports analyzing probable profit margins and various measures of return on investments. There is a multi-family consulting company I've used in Seattle and it was one rock-solid awesome $6,000 report (as one would hope it would be). I think it would take me way more time than it's worth to learn to research all of that on my own with such limited time in the day; however, it would be nice to know where I could look for portions of that information on my own.

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