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Ok so I am new to the game and have read books on investing in real estate. I see that people have negotiated deals with no money. Donald Trump once completed a 62 million dollar deal without a dime of his one money. Of course none of us are Donald Trump, but how is it even possible to walk away from a closing with the keys to a property and not spend a dime? I gotta imagine that it takes some real craftiness to pull that off. What do you think?


It is easier said than done, but it is possible. Read some real estate books or just Google.
Well, wholesaling will not cost you anything :-)

Hi @Chris Severin  

Look at the link above at @J Scott 's link - @Brandon Turner wrote a book on No Money Down.

@J Scott s books on Wholesaling and Pricing rehabs are awesome too  See

Now if you have time on your hands, see my blog here on BP

Make Money Without Banks or Credit

I use these tools

  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Option Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • JV Partnership Agreement - With Sellers and Credit and Loan Partners
  • Letter of Intent to Buy on Seller Financing
  • SDIRA Custodians such as Equity Trust - See

No Money Down means you understand the game and have team members to assist you in Creative Financing Deals, such as Self Directed IRAs, JV Partnerships, Sub2, Lease Options, Wraps - AITDs, Master Leases, Master Lease Options, etc.

have fun on BP.

It is a journey! :)

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