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Hi all. I have been looking at a HomePath 2-unit investment property for a few weeks now and recently came to terms on the deal and am supposed to sign contract to purchase by 5PM tomorrow. The property is located in my home town and seems to be a great potential cash-flower (rare in most parts of NJ!).  The property was built in 1910 and needs the usual TLC. Roof is 8 years old, furnaces are 20, but working and 2 long-term tenants are already in place and would like to stay. I took another look at the property this am, and my main concern is the amount of floor sagging towards the middle of the house.  Beams seem structurally sound with no rotting or other damage in basement.  However, floors slope quite a bit, especially in the kitchens (side by side units).  Both slope a good 2-3 inches over 10 feet.  If not problematic, do I simply add extra support and leave as is or do I try to raise floors and risk cracking plaster, windows, etc.?  Or, do I move on and look for another deal that does not have this issue?  Any input is appreciated. Cheers!

get an estimate from someone that specializes or has experience in jackin up the floorbeams from inside the basement upwards

Thanks for response, Neil.  I had a structural engineer take a look yesterday and he wasn't overly concerned.  Said it is just an old house, but is structurally sound.  He recommended putting a few jack posts in place and some metal joist hangers, but not to try to correct the sinking due to potential chain reaction  problems above.  He doesn't think the house is settling anymore but suggested adding the additional supports to be safe.

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