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I have a question for Anyone using property radar ? I am trying to make a absentee owners lost but seems like I might be doing something wrong because almost all absentee owners it shows on my list are recent buys I tried changing the date but no results come out and I am searching major cities in losangeles so I would figure there would be tons of sales

Hi Gilbert,

A couple of things to note:

1. Be sure to use the "Property Search" feature, unless you are looking for a recent list of buyers, in which case you'd use "Transfer Search".

2. For criteria, define your location, then for starters just set Owner Occupied = No. Once you have that list, you can refine further, like out of county, or out of state.

3. I'm a little confused by your note above because at the end it sounds like you are looking for "sales", but that is kind of at odds with what an absentee owner list is, a list of "owners". If you want to find absentee owners who bought during a certain period of time, then use the Transfer Date criteria under the More tab in search options.

My support team is available during business hours to help, and if you click on support on the website you'll even see a button to schedule a demo where they can walk you through it. If I can be of help feel free to PM me, but note that I'm going to be offline for a couple of days.


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