Corpus Christi area investors

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Is anyone currently investing in the corpus area we loved it down there and would like to move there in the next couple years

I am. There are more people that invest down here that don't get on bigger pockets.

I am a part-owner of an apartment complex in Corpus with potentially two more purchases happening this year. My wife has family members there, some of whom do rehabs and flips. 

@Joe Fairless

It's more of a buyers market even though people are still flipping houses. Buy and hold is the big strategy down here because everything demands such high rent it's outrageous. Not enough people to buy everything and not enough that can get a traditional loan.

@Joe Fairless

 I would say they are pretty year round because we have the oil refinery and the military base around here. Corpus is a growing city that is going to continue to expand. There are initiatives in place by the city promoting growth.

I grew up in Corpus and I've seen the growth albeit at a slightly slower pace than the rest of Texas. I always believed that the north side area close to the harbor was prime real estate that was blighted by the fact the projects were smack dab in the middle of it. I hear they're tearing them down now so I assume major redevelopment is underway. I would love to get involved in rejuvenating my former home.

They are doing that In the bluff right now. The city is just buying houses and ripping them down.

Joshus Light you still in corpus?

Hi guys, 

found this thread and was wondering what the situation is like right now in Corpus Christi - I've read of a decent amount of development, what have you guys been seeing? Occupancy rates seem low as well given some overbuilding in the higher end of the spectrum? Thanks in advance!

Anyone still active in this thread regarding Corpus REI? I am an engineer new to the area looking to make REI connections, and hopefully get into the local market quickly. Feel free to reach out.

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