1031exchange and Tax Lien Certificates/Properties

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Hello to everyone! 

My questions is I have a 1031 exchange coming near the end of it grace period to purchase or pay the capitol gains tax, I was wondering if I could purchase Tax Lien Certificates and/or properties with my 1031..?

@Don Burress

There is no "grace" period.  There is the acquiring property identification period of 45 days and there is the acquiring property settlement period of 180 days, which run concurrently.

@Don Burress

@Wayne Brooks is right.  The tax lien certificates are a financial instrument and not an interest in the real estate.  If you're struggling finding suitable real estate to put your 1031 into though you may think about purchasing some oil mineral or gas interests.  Strangely enough those are considered like kind to an interest in real estate within some parameters and oil interests are cheap these days.