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just wondering how many of you guy outsource jobs I.e.  accounting comps and outer investor related item and do u use places like odesk or elance and if you do how long does it take compared to doing it yourself

I outsource to odesk and have found someone very good on there so I do not worry about it not getting done. Also I view it as what is my time worth. If I get an extra hour with my family to pay someone overseas $5/hr (which is a lot in some countries) then that is a return on investment that has no price. Time is your most valuable asset

I've had one good VA and a few bad ones. Generally only use them for task oriented stuff. Flyers and such.

No way in hell would I trust a VA to comp a property for me. I go behind my realtor and check her on that stuff, that's just something you should never trust anyone else to do.

I'm a pretty big fan of paying other people to do the real work, admin, accounting, making flyers, etc.  These days I'm leaning more towards hiring local more than overseas, though.  I've just had too many problems with those jokers over there and they've gotten to where their expectations for compensation can be kinda crazy.  Just easier to hire around here for anything important and pay a little more to not have the communication problems and drawn out training process.   

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