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looking to get the ball rolling on a buy&hold type of deal. Can some of you please show an example of how you do your deal analysis of the property. How you calculate all the different numbers. Also if there is anyone who knows of a good realtor who is great at investment properties. Thanks in advance! 

@Brandon Aitchison  Congrats on getting started. There are ebooks, articles and blog posts here on BP about deal analysis. I think you will be able to find something useful just by doing a quick search.

If you have specific questions then, you can post it to the forum. I would also recommend reaching out to @Brian Gibbons  for help. He has a great coaching program and has helped many investors.

@Brandon Aitchison

Welcome to BP! This is a great place to learn. 

I'll take your second question first... finding a good Realtor. I would attend some local REIA's if they exist in your area. There might be some Realtors there or you might find a few referrals. Beyond that, I would come up with a list of questions you have about the market and investing. Then I would sit down with 3-5 Realtors. You will learn a ton about the market and you might find a decent Realtor in the process.

For Deal Analysis, there is a lot on BP about it. I usually run my numbers like this...

Rent minus mortgage, taxes, insurance, management (11%), maintainence (10%), cap ex (5%), vacancy (9%)

After all that I aim for $150 to $200 per door in cash flow.


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