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hello BP, i really need some advice. I mentioned to my best friend that i wanted to get into real estate investing, wholesale to be specific. Yesterday he told me that his neighbor (an elderly man) passed away about a month ago. The house in currently vacant, and the man did not have any family to take over the property. Who would I contact about this property? How would i go about finding the person in charge of this property? It is a 2 story home, 2br 2 1/2 bath. Comps in the area range from $350-$420. Really need Advice to get my first deal. I am completely new to real estate. Thanks in advance

@Gabe Garibay look in the county records for both probate and deed titles. You might be able to find info on executor or probate atty. If you're lucky, they will have online access.

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. 

Did you determine the record owner's name? Determine if there's equity? Check for mortgages and liens?

No such thing as 'no heirs' only distant relatives. I just got my AncestryDNA results yesterday and found some surprises in my own family. 

How do you intend to monetize your opportunity?

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