Management Companies and Inspection Companies in Buffalo, NY

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Hello Everyone,

I'm currently looking for houses around University at Buffalo as a rental property.  Does anyone have any management companies and inspection companies that they would recommend? I currently live in NYC and would definitely a third party to manage the property.

Thank you everyone in advance for your help!

Hello Gary,  there are quite a few of us on here from Buffalo.  If you do a search for the keyword Buffalo you should find some discussions on what your looking for.


Just a heads up, the City of Buffalo is cracking down on absentee landlords in general, but with special emphasis on the University Heights area. If you purchase a property with any potential code violations (a colleague of mine was cited by the inspector for gutters not being cleaned out), ensure they're resolved by the seller or prior to renting the property. 

Thoroughly screen your potential property management business partner, you'll be on the hook for any code violations or citations and once you're on the City's radar, they can make your life very difficult. The area also has a very active neighborhood association that works closely with the City and is quite....vigilant. 

I live in Buffalo and have quality units in the Heights, and I've been cited for things like  "Trash cans within 15 feet of the front porch". 


I have been working with a company called DASA properties for years. They are very much by the book which I look which I like. Unfortunately they nickle and dime on repairs. Also, they started requiring owners to list DASA as secondary insured. After working with 2 other companies in Buffalo I settled on a management company. I don't think a stellar one exists in Buffalo compared to other cities I invest in.