2016 Goal for New Investor

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Hello BP members! As a new investor in the learning stages I'm gearing up to purchase my first property in 2016 and writing down a few goals for the upcoming year. To all the more experienced investors, what goals do you have set for 2016? I don't want to shot low so there maybe ideas out there that I can add to my list. Thanks in advance!

This is an excellent question. I too am starting my REI business in 2016. In the Kansas City market.

My goal is to purchase 1 property next year, with the long term goal of 10 properties within 10 years. Focusing on cash flow.

I'm limiting myself to one the first year to make sure I'm buying a good deal. They say you make your money on the purchase in buy and hold.

Thanks @Chad Hotovec, good to hear from another new investor. I want to have two buy and hold properties for cash flow by the end of 2016. Well wishes with all you endeavors.