value of house

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I have a house 12741 virgil st. Detroit Mi 48223 that I am looking to buy. I have a real-estate agent that I am asking to get the value of this house (what he could sell it for) and I want another opinion. So anyone that can give me an opinion on how much its worth please let me know

Thanks in advance 


How much is it worth? It could be worth up to 40K depending on how nicely you remodeled it.

How much would it actually sell for? 30K - 35K if you nicely remodeled it

Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it. 

Also richard, I just thought to invest in redford and warrendale because they seem to be growing areas. I never thought about metro detroit. I will have to check that out. Thanks for the advice. 

35k is a good estimate for the location

for Detroit homes you also have to consider your house will be sitting on the market longer than houses outsite Detroit

Also another thing to consider is what method of finance you'll accept. Many if not all the homes my family has sold in southwest detroit were on land contract or lease option. People living in Detroit typically have a more difficult time getting loans than those who live elsewhere