Purchased House/flip, where to get money for rehab?

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Hey Family,

I found the worst house in the best neighborhood 

Here are the specs: 

Price Listed: $149,000
Price Offered: $139,000
Price accepted: $140k plus closing costs.

My ARV is based on J Scott's formula.

After Rehab Value : 250,000 (conservative current market estimate) to 300,000 (prices are quickly rising in the area, and the market is forecast to be better in 12-24 months due to new companies entering my area.) 

I estimate that I will have to put $55k to $60k in the property. It is located in a historic district of town so there are some restrictions on what I can do to the exterior, which may actually save me money. 

I am using a VA loan for the mortgage and I plan on moving into the property for a year or so while the renovations get completed. It is in a livable condition.

I have never purchased a flip/house before and would like to narrow down some options for rehab money.

2) Hard money?
3) Construction loan?

What are your thoughts?

Please excuse my lack of terms/knowledge when it comes to this, as I am new.