Hard money loan on as part of a residential real estate deal

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I have an opportunity to invest $190k in a residental real estate deal that involves buying 5 lots, developing them and selling them. It would work like this.... In month 1, I provide $95k to purchase residential lot # 1. The partner in the deal, a residential real estate development company, secures a construction loan, builds the house and sells the house in month 6. Meanwhile, In month 3 if all is going smoothly with the first lot/house then we provide an additional $95k to buy Lot #2 and then the development company does the same 6 month procedure and obtains loan, develops & sells house # 2. Lot # 3 is purchased and started upon with the capital return from the sale of House 1. Lot #4 from the capital from sale of house # 2 and then the final lot, Lot #5 from the capital from the sale of House 3. After sale of house #4 and # 5, each $95k capital will be returned. During the projected 18 month duration of the project I will receive 15% interest compounded monthly. So for the first 3 months and the last 3 months I will receive interest on $95k. During the middle 12 months I will receive interest on $190k. I will receive my capital back with the final houses are sold, regardless of the sale price.

I've analyzed the deal from the perspective that the developer can successfully obtain the construction loans, and build the houses and sell them profitably with the current costs of construction and the market where the homes will be located. So that part doesn't concern me.

But there are obvious risks with the deal since if something goes south with the market or the project then the bank providing the construction loan will be first in line and I could be out my $95k or $190k.  Is there some better terms that I can negotiate with the developer to make this deal more attractive and less riskier to me?

Also, I wonder how it is best to structure the deal given tax implications, etc. Should I use 1 LLC, 2 LLCs or 5 LLCs?

I'm 36 yrs old, married, and we have about 800k in savings currently. I live in Florida. Thank you, and I apologize if any of this is out of scope from this forum.  Thanks

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No, I don't have any ground up experience.  I would just provide the capital to purchase the lot and then the development firm would secure the construction loan, build the house and sell it.  The head of that firm has 20+ years in the industry.  

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