Putting an offer on a house

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I put a full ask offer on a house

For 121k

Arv 248k....

They want the principal to sign the offer (owner of the llc)

Wouldn't this make it impossible to sell the llc to another principal before closing?

They also want a 10k deposit??

Reasonable or walk away

@Ashley D. , I don't think I fully understand your questions. 

Why would you sell your LLC in between offer and close? Who other than the principal would sign the offer?

10k deposit is on the high end but not unreasonable, as long as it's still soft.

Hi @kevin siedlecki I am wholesaling this property and do not want to perform a double close. The end buyer is going to pay me a fee to change the member/owner name from mine to theirs. They show up to closing.

Maybe in this case I would have to just add the end buyer to the contract with an addendum and sign a quit claim deed at closing