Real Estate Investing in the Dayton Ohio Area.

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Hello Fellow Investors! I was a Realtor in Philadelphia, Pa so I am aware of the Real Estate Market here and how the prices of Real Estate are absolutely ridiculous. I have a couple of Questions about doing out of state Real Estate investing out of state in Dayton Ohio. I live in Philadelphia PA, and investment properties prices are through the roof. If you were to buy a duplex in a C class area it would run you no less than 165,000$, thats if you got lucky in Philadelphia. So if you wouldn’t mind, I would really appreciate it if anyone can answer a few questions I have.

So I want to know from experianced out of state investors, how hard is it to own property out of state, and how good is the property management company you use, when it comes down to it being a headache, after all you are paying them every month so that you don’t have that headache.

Also for investors who invest in the Dayton Ohio Area, what neighborhoods are good to invest in, because I've heard that there are some neighborhoods that I should stay away from. Also what are the ROI in the properties you own? And the average price of the Property you own?

I am looking to purchase my First Investment property in the next 12- 16 months, so I am trying to get as much information as possible, so that I can determine of I should buy Real Estate in The Dayton area/out of state or not.


We recently expanded our operation to Dayton OH and have seen it to be a great cash flow city! We do project appreciation in the next few years as well. The city as a whole is in need of rehabbed houses. Both rentals and retails will sell and rent the day it is finished with remodel. We started an in house property management up there as well. Adding these things to the city has begun a revolution in my opinion. Best of luck to you and hope to see you there soon.

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