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Is mileage tracker for business MILE IQ apply if you live in a duplex and rent another out and you note going to your home from work to work on your other duplex count as a business mileage trip? 

Is it worth the $5.99/month? 

From understanding of the tax laws, if you have a home office and you travel from your home office to your rental property, that is considered a deduction. I don't understand the other part of your question, maybe its typos. However, the gist is, you can deduct going from rental to rental, home office to rental and back. As long as its from where ever your place of business is to your rental property its deductible. So $5.99 is worth it if you don't want to take the standard mileage deductions and your other duplex is fairly far.

@Brian Adzadi

Sorry, I was typing in a hurry so I didn't have a chance to review- does sound a little confusing.

To clarify, I own a duplex, I reside in one unit (Let's call it Unit 1), the other unit (Let's call it Unit 2) is rented out. Let's say hypothetically speaking, I travel from Unit 1 to work, travel back to Unit 2, from work (the same duplex I live in), to do some maintenance, can I deduct that travel as a tax deduction for "Business" related because it is, even though it is the same place I reside in.

Simply put. U can deduct If u travel from your home office (unit 1) to ur other duplex (unit 2) and vice versa. But from ur 9-5 job to ur rentals, no. It's only from ur home office to ur rentals is when u can deduct. 

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To answer your question, I pay for the $60 annual version of Mile IQ. So far this year I deducted about $1800 with a swipe of my finger. I would say its paid for itself. 

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