Wholesalers and Agents/Brokers/Investors working together

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What are the benefits of an unlicensed wholesaler working with a real estate agent or broker?

I am a wholesaler based out of Pierce County, Washington (state) and was curious.

I am aware that agents can help with comps, but what else? Also how does compensation typically work? What is fair compensation when working with an agent?

Hi @Jacinta A. The right agent/broker can be an invaluable partner to a wholesaler. The right agent is connected to investors who are buying the kinds of deals you're wholesaling. The right agent either has (as in pocket listings) or knows of great deals you can buy before they hit the market. The right agent can help you list the deals you've closed on for the purpose of then selling to investors. The right agent might also manage the buy-and-hold properties for the investor clients you've sold them to. And, these are just a few of the potential benefits!

Agents generally get paid by commission, but fair compensation is whatever you both agree upon. Just don't be cheap or think small: Make sure you compensate them like the skilled and valued professionals they are.

The right agent can help take your operation to a whole new level. Ours sure has!

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