Loan Qualifications & Employment History Rules

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I have read that if you work two full time jobs, if you work atleast 2 years and have maintained that position for 2 full time, then your income is the total you make combined. But the rules say, lenders will only consider you if you have two Income returns to show for it, or two years straight, assuming your DTI is low and you have outstanding credit. Does anyone know or think it’s possible to find a lender that can assemble a FHA loan without quite having the two full years of maintaining two full time jobs? Thank you.

Arthur Voskanyan


I have a bank that you can talk to and hopefully they can help you out to answer your questions. 

If you’ve been in school this isn’t an issue. If you haven’t been I’m not sure

That's not always the criteria for income. If you can show good probability for continuing income you are okay with 2 years history not 2 year tax return. There are other factors which lender consider. Discuss all the information with your lender so they have right information about your work. 

But I want an FHA loan, and I don’t want a Co-signer however, my income isn’t high but I have 0% debt and I have been with my employer 2+ years. Income about 30k+/yr the property I’m looking at on market is $270,000?

@Arthur Voskanyan You have to get a property which should justify under DTI requirement. If you want to go higher you need co-signer.

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