How tough is to change a variance?

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BP community!! HAS ANYONE DEALT WITH THIS SITUATION?? HAS ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE CHANGING THE VARIANCE? I’m checking out a small multi family home in Essex County NJ ( great neighborhood btw), which the second floor apartment has 2 bedroom and the first floor has the potential to go from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom. The catch is that the potential rooms are in the basement (which ceiling height is appropriate, ample amount of windows, and two possible egress options are available). How hard is it to change the variance? Thank you everyone! Your experience will greatly help my decision!

So you are keeping it a 2 family, just adding bedrooms downstairs, is that correct ? if the house is already zoned as a two family, there is no variance needed. you will have to submit plans to the town for the work and to show that the bedroom windows meet egress.

Patrick, thanks for the response. So it is zoned for a two family. I called the inspectors of the town and that’s what they said to me. So I’m confused then, in your option what variance would I be filing for? Or is there another option possible?

The inspector said to you that you need a variance to put bedrooms in the basement? variances are only for zoning changes, unless the have a zoning law that says with multi family houses you can not have rooms in the basement, then i do not see where the variance is needed. call the inspector and find out what variance you would need. I just looked through Rockaways zoning ordinance and there is nothing i see that would require you to get a variance.

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