Pros and cons of Asset Basses lending

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If your talking hard money, you need a track record, and a solid deal with a local lender. You will also need pleanty of liquid reserves. It isnt something typically advertised also.

one company called Do Hard Money will do 100% although you need to pay 3k up front with no gurantee of funding.. so Its not really no money and 100%.

when your starting its simply only reality TV that works its not reality... once you get a nice track record have some cash have good credit then it becomes possible.. in some market.s

@Account Closed What type or property are you talking about and what is your experience level? 

The answer changes between a triplex and a leased up 300 unit Garden style apartment. 

The sources of funding will also dictate a lot of requirements. Where are you looking at getting your financing from?

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do you have experience, also what price point. you can usually find 10% down + 3-4 points @ 12%.

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