Recommendations/ for A Real Estate Adviser (hourly or fixed rate)

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Hi BP community,

I am new to Real Estate investing and yet to make my first deal. I am actively looking for multi-family homes in the NE Minneapolis market and looking to do a house hack/owner occupy. 

I have a variety of loans available to me (VA, FHA, conventional, and even a cash option (would want to refi after).

With so many variables at play, I am having a hard time deciding on what route to take to maximize returns. I have been getting some information from my lender but it is not his job to run each scenario with me... 

Can anyone recommend a Real Estate specific financial adviser that is will to meet for an hourly or fixed rate to discuss a specific property strategy.  


I second @Tim Swierczek , he can sit down with you and get you the loan you are looking for.  Many people start off limiting themselves by taking the lowest down payment option, Tim can discuss your goals and get you setup with a loan that is in line with your investment strategy.


@Tim Swierczek .... we met a few months back. I'm struggling with the same thing as Erik. Have you completed your recent duplex remodel in NE? I was on the list to do a walk-through once final. Just thought that might be a good time to talk. 

@Anna Gorres You’re definitely on the list I change the scope of the project and we’re doing a more major remodel the night originally planned I’m guessing it’ll be about a month let’s meet up for coffee I had a time and I can help you with strategy to be more one on one that way.

Thanks for the guidance everyone! 

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