Duplex existing tenant hoarder

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Ok, I went to see a duplex property today. The property did not have any inside pictures listed online, and now I know why. So, the numbers seem to cash flow. The problem is one half was in good to fair condition. The 2nd side appeared to have a "hoarder" with very severe pet smell . This renter has been month to month for over 7 years. The good side is in a lease for another few months. The bad side conditon is no where near the standards I would like to set for this rental. ( remove old carpet, fix tub, some kitchen updates etc... nothing extravagant- just freshen it up ) I am afraid the long term "smelly hoarder " may scare away existing or future tenants. Any feedback is appreciated. Todd H

Serve the hoarder with a non renewal and get rid of him. No reason to ever hold on to bad tenants. Plenty of good tenants out there waiting to move.

You will need to likely evict and then renovate to repair damage. Better sooner than later before the damage gets worse. If he refuses to leave get the building inspector and fire marshal to inspect and declare the unit unsafe for occupancy. This will assist with your eviction. Once you get him out and reno you can easily get the declaration lifted and re-rent.

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