First investment property analysis - duplex

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My goal for now is cash flow buy and hold. I like the idea of the brrr however at this time in my life it’s not feasible to do remodel. I am under contract at $125k for duplex that currently gets $1750 per month gross rent. Because I will not be living there I need put 25% down. Taxes insurance P&I cost about $950/mo. One side is about to vacant and will need approximately $2000 for painting/wall repair and a good cleaning. I have had professional inspectors(General home, under slab plumbing camera/and termite) come and they did not find any major problems. The neighborhood is full of duplexes and not many single family homes. What do you guys think?

Regardless of what anyone thinks, does this opportunity fit your investing criteria @Bobby Larsen ?

The numbers sound good to me. What are the actual taxes and insurance per month - I only ask because I'm purchasing a 130k duplex with right around 20% down, but my payment is around 840/mo for PITI. You are buying a cheaper property with more down, I just assume your costs for PITI would be lower than mine. My insurance is around 800/yr and taxes are 2800/yr with 4.25% on a 30yr loan.

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