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Hey All!  

I am new to Bigger Pockets, but not to the RE world.  I have worked as an administrator in the industry for approximately 8 years in the Michigan market, as well as Tampa, FL.   I have recently left the company I was working for, and I am venturing out on my own.  

I would like to offer my services as an administrator on a freelance basis, but I am having difficulty coming up with some pricing.  I have knowledge in drafting RE documents, facilitating closings (drafting docs needed for close, working with buyer and sellers, setting appointments for close), setting inspection appointments, email marketing and I am extremely knowledgeable with Podio systems.  

As I mentioned, I am having a hard time coming up with pricing and would like some feedback from the Forum.  Should the charge be per document drafted?  Not sure on what that price would be?  Essentially I would like to get a conversation going and some feedback from the experts in here so I can continue building my business plan.  

Any suggestions would be awesome!  Thank you!

I work with a transaction coordinator and I pay per transaction. The TC handles all the paperwork from once a contract is fully signed. She will send out disclosures for signature, type up addendum, verify all items are obtained by contingency periods, send a final checklist at the end verifying all documents signed property and complete. Order home warrantys and NHD, termite and completion and et up inspections, confirm HOA docs ordreded, save all in ropbox, confirm appraisal was ordered, request for repairs, Etc.

@Meighan Fitzpatrick are you a licensed agent? If you are you can charge more.

To answer your question, yes, I would agree to charge per transaction.

From my experience the price ranges from $300 - $450 a transaction (licensed agent). Non-licensed individuals $100- $200 a transaction.

I hope this helps!

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