Average cost to rehab per square foot vs new build costs in MA

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I'm in the southcoast of Massachusetts. My journey has led me to a point where I'm looking for some numbers on average rehab per square foot, and average cost to new build per square foot.  The closer to my area the better but ill take anyone's  numbers or input in the best place to get those numbers. I'm reaching out to some local contractors but most of them are not tracking their numbers and probably wont put In them time to put together accurate research. So anyhelp is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance you guys are awesome!

@Russell Lavoie cost per square foot is a metric that can be tough to use. I think it can be not only specific to the area, but also specific to the investor/contractor. For instance, one investor may be able to do some of the skilled work and get a better price per square foot then someone who is subbing the same work out. I know for my most recent flip in Berwyn, IL, the price per square foot ended up being around $50. I have heard a lot of investors that do better than this, but also many who do worse!

Thank you for the reply @John Warren  I really appreciate the input.   I realize it can be drastically different  depending on what work is getting done as well. I was really looking for what you just gave me with the 50 per square foot ... just a ballpark of about how much people are spending in general. Your awesome man thanks you again. 

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