Am I too young to invest in real estate?🔥

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I’m 18yrs old I have no debt and I’m not going to college. I graduate from high school on June 8th 2018 and I’m starting to look for a job. I realized how very important it is to invest ones own money and prepare for retirement my goal is to become financially independent. I’m still very new to real estate so my question is if I’m qualified to invest in real estate or if should choose a different vehicle to invest in. appreciate your response.

The hardest thing will be getting a loan if you don't have any credit/job. Because, in terms of ease, being able to purchase a property is well I guess the "easiest" way to start; but don't let your age be a roadblock. 

But a great way to start is to start providing value to people already in the business. Go find where your local REI's are, go to every single one and figure out how you can provide value--because one thing you have is time. It's one of the best commodities out there. 

If you haven't yet, start reading and listening to every. single. podcast on Biggerpockets. Go start at episode 1, and finish all of them by the end of the month. 

If you are looking for a job, that's a fantastic place to start, work as MUCH AS YOU CAN, and save EVERY DOLLAR. 

If you want a list of some books to start out with, let me know and I'll be happy to shoot you over some recommendations on where to start.  

@Jesse Cardenas

Your local library will be your best friend, find out there hours---and if your aren't working at a job, your goal is to be there every waking hour until they close--and right when they open. Avoid being home at all costs--that is where work goes to die.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (just trust me on this...)

2. Set for Life

3.  Brandon Turner's, Book on Rental Property Investing.

When you're done with these 3, let me know.