Hello all on BP Forums. I am about to dive head first into Multi Plex investing, as I have always stayed in the SFH side of the pool. I’ve always been a buy and hold so this one I plan to do the same. Please feel free to shoot at my numbers with everything you all got. I’m hard headed and need to be influenced sternly💪🏽 Duplex-2230 Sq. Ft. Listing Price:$ 99,990 Down Payment: 20% ($19,980) Closing cost: $5,100 Loan balance: $79,920 @ 5% for 30 year term EXPENSES (Monthly): Principal & Interest: $ 429 Vacancy $40 Water/Sewage: $0 Taxes $212 Insurance $76.50 Utilities: $0 Management $144 Maintenance $24 Trash $0 CAPEX $172.80 TOTAL : $1,098 INCOME (Monthly): Rent 1 bed 1 bath $800 (occupied on 1 year Lease) Rent 1 bed 1 bath $800 (occupied section 8 for past 10 years) TOTAL: $1,600 I plan to offer about $87K to sweeten up my cash flow, considering they have already dropped the price before and seller is motivated due to acquiring this property from a deceased family member. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to reading my post.