A friend who is the daughter of one owner of a very popular funeral home contacted me last night to see if I wanted to consider getting the funeral home under contact and finding a buyer. First time someone has bought a funeral home my way and almost put it in my pocket. They are asking 2.3 mil but negotiable. If I will consider it they are willing to enter contract with me as soon as this evening. I am someone who loves challenges and currently not working another deal so can commit to this one but need feedback. a. May be crazy question but do investors buy funeral homes? This one includes 3 big lots also and in a highly desirable area investors are buying in. b. Where do you look for high value investors for such a property? c. Do I use same calculations for this deal as I would with a home? As close to 70% as I can get? No repairs needed. Active funeral home but gping out of business in a week. I am intrigued with this and if feedback suggest contracting I will be hiring a mentor as well. I appreciate any and all feedback.