[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal properly

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@Komi Dade be prepared to pull money out of pocket. Your expenses are way low especially capex. Example your triplex has 3000 sf of flooring brand new today. Life span of 8 years in a rental. In my area it runs around $6 sf to replace. 3000*$6=$18000/8/12 months in a year=$188 per month for 1 item. Some common life span roofs 25 years, appliance and hot water heaters 12 years, hvac 20 years. There are more items that will need to be replaced and budgeted. On a cash out refi you will be limited to 70-75% loan to value. Garbage of $30 per month works out to $10 per unit per month seems low. Are there common areas where electricity needs to be paid. How about lawn care. My numbers I use are 8% vacancy,5% repairs and 10% capex. Capex is the most underestimated expense in rental properties. On a cash out refi on a multi I believe the interest rate will be higher.

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