[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Where did the ARV numbers come from? Also to me a wholesaler making $50k on a property in this price range is outrageous. Also people generally don't flip 12-plexes because the market is much smaller than an SFR and the buyers are always investors not someone who will fall in love with a finish level.

@Aaron K. , The ARV was added in the calculator I believe. I agree that 50k getting back to the wholesaler is a lot, just wanted to get an opinion on whether or not to focus on the current value vs. what the ARV will be. If you do reno the bathrooms then you could increase in the rent per unit.

@Wesley Hoover yes I saw it in the calculator but where did you get that number from? Comps? income analysis? construction cost?  Anyone buying it will buy as is and fix it up then rent not sell, so I would suggest doing the analysis from that point of view, which also means you should probably get a lot more granular on your rehab costs before putting this under contract.