Negotiating w/ seller:[Calc Review]Help me analyze this deal asap

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Your expenses generally look reasonable.  I'm assuming you validated taxes.  Did you talk to an insurance agent?  Those look a little low to me.

The listing mentions it is a townhouse but I didn't see an HOA fee. Condos and townhouses can be difficult as rentals because HOAs may have "special assessments" when a repair is more expensive than their cap ex budget. See if you can learn what the published HOA fee is. Then, see if you can find whether they have made any special assessments in the past.

@Dolly La Salle , I agree with everything that @Greg Scott mentioned. You also need to understand what, if anything, the HOA is responsible for. Landscaping, exterior maintenance?

  • You should definitely include something for initial repairs. Just from the pictures I can see the fence needs work, grass is looking a little beat up...
  • I think I brought this up earlier, but you're only figuring a 15% down payment. This is VERY unusual for a non-owner occupied property. Don't trust your RE agent on this. Talk with a lender. You need to get pre-qualified anyway.
  • If you buy for $129k, that will be your ARV. You're not adding value, so what you pay is, by definition, what the property is worth
  • If you can get ~$200/month cash flow, that's pretty good. Your CoC ROI is a little lower than I'd like, but for a first deal, it's solid.

Thank you @Greg Scott and @Jaysen Medhurst for your prompt responses. Even though there were no HOAs, it does look like I would need to fix a couple of things, which reduces my cash flow. Also, I confirmed with the bank that I will only need 15% for the down payment. After rethinking everything, I decided not to go for this house. I think I found a great deal on a different house. I just posted it (Title: [Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal. Negotiating w/ seller.). If you could please provide your feedback, I will appreciate it. I took into account all the things you stated.

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