Help with Analyzing Deal

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We put in a curb offer on a property and after getting inside found structural issues. We estimate the repairs to be around $100k including a hefty contingency. We had originally comped it at $215k with high end finishes, but our realtor says we could get $263k. Houses in that area have gone that high and higher, but many are larger. The comps she used had 300sf to 400sf more. One comp we used, and she didn't, came in at $189k. I'm looking for thoughts on which number we should use for ARV.

Be conservative with your ARV. For the rehab budget, ensure you add some wiggle room for things that will go wrong during the rehab. My recommendation is to find a local investor and have them run the numbers with you. If you plan on using HM, they will tell you whether your numbers make sense.