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Barry Mathis

from Roseville, California

Feb 12 '13, 05:52 AM

What sites do you currently use to set rent prices ?

What features do you find important in setting those prices ?

What tools would you want in a web based solution to setting rental prices

George P.

Investor from Livonia, Michigan

Feb 12 '13, 06:52 AM

barry, all my rentals are in the same city, so i am very familiar with the rent per square foot. but before i purchase a house, i get the rental comps in addition to the sales comps, just to look at the latest numbers..

Sabrina Laplante

Real Estate Investor from Squaw Valley, California

Feb 12 '13, 09:24 AM gives a basic idea. However, do your due diligence and talk to property management companies, call on listings, and do as much research as possible. Best of luck!

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