Rookie Analysis Paralysis - can you take a look at my offer?

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Property background: Duplex 2+1; Buy and hold 4% interest rate, 25% down : Offer price- $155k; Type C working class neighborhood, appreciation since June 2019 till now 16-22%, likely market inflated prices due to low inventory and rates. I don't expect much appreciation, the community has been stable for last 15-20 years . Rental on 2 bedrooms is $1000-1300/month.

These are conservative numbers, I calculated cap rate of 8-10% which is decent in the area. Let me know if these numbers look good and makes sense, will you pull the trigger?

Thank you!!

Unexpected/hidden utility costs can kill the value of a multi pretty quickly.  Assuming a reasonable rate for sewer, it looks to me like you have a pretty nice deal here.  

I think that this is a decent deal. Numbers are conservative, I think you will have less vagancy, less insurance cost, less repair. But maybe taxes are higher and maybe insurance ? I would double check on those. 

But other than this I would pull the trigger. Do you have the inspection report yet ? If the inspection is kinda ok, than I would say go for it. 

Get a inspection. No matter how good it looks. Inspector will always find something. Use the inspection report to negotiate with the seller.

Usually you try to get into the contract first. If its a good deal and you have to fight for it, you can give them a higher offer to get into contract after you are in the contract and you got the inspection report use it to negotiate the price down. 

If the market is slow negotiate a price so low that you can get into the deal than use the inspection report to push it lower. 

For me a big part of fun in real estate is at negotiating

@Rahul R.     I see that you will have an inspection done.  However, based on initial assessment do you expect to have any upfront rehab costs (I saw a line item in your spreadsheet, but no data)?  Is it currently rented?  If so, what are current rents it's receiving?