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Hey guys, 

Having a bit of trouble with an analysis. I am in the Military and have an upcoming deployment sometime around October-November timeframe. 100% financed using a VA loan. This property is a large 2700sqft 6 bedroom 5 bath. I am wanting to do a room by room rental on it because it is a mile away from the biggest University in the area. The average for a college student there is $750 with no utilities. I would aim to charge $850 a room including utilities and a cleaning service to come in biweekly to keep issues with tenants. I would've hoped for a group of people to want to rent together before the year started but I did not get the "deal" in time. This brings me to the issue with finding a PM that rents room by room if they cannot find a group of tenants for rent. The taxes are low because of an incentive for people to restore historical properties. The property was just fully renovated and seems like a no brainer but i know there has to be an underlying reason why. Any help would be great. Thank you.