[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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@Oscar Tacoson How did you arrive at your soft cost numbers. Repairs , vacancy, and capex. Vacancy of 3% is your tenant staying an average of 33 1/3 months.  I analyze at 8% or 1 turnover per year.What do you include in your capex budget. Mine has roof, floors, hvac, hot water heater, appliances, bath and kitchen remodel, etc. Let's assume your rental has brand new flooring, Assume 1000 sf of flooring. Look at commercial warranty you will see a 10 year warranty. That is the number I use for estimating cost. My area it is $6 sf to replace. $6000/10 year life span /12 months in a year= $50 per month for 1 item. Your $29 won't even replace the floors. Where are you finding a PM for 2%. Most are 10-12% with rent up fees. You shouldn't have any utility expenses on a single family house.

I did a calculation on a duplex, unless the MLS was wrong.

I didn't factor in all those things for repairs as I only did it as a rough estimate for my first analysis. I don't know how it really looks on the inside but I figure it could be a turnkey. I'm guessing the COC is suppose be lower than what it shows in the report?

This is my first one.