Minneapolis: Don't check tenants' history / St Paul: Rent Control

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The first article is a 2019 post. So I'm hoping they have found a work around by now. the second article appears to be far worse. However, they're already working on fixes so I'd like to think the issues will be worked out before the bill even goes into effect. more than likely they will exempt new buildings (upon realizing all developers are fleeing)  they will also most likely pass the inflation clause so no one is losing money. maybe I'm wrong and maybe they turn into Detroit. but I doubt it.

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Minneapolis Doesn't Want Landlords to Check Tenants' Criminal History, Credit Score, Past Evictions https://reason.com/2019/09/17/...

When WA started their first-come, first-serve rule, I tripled down on pre-screening to make sure nobody saw it except the exceptional. 

I'd do the same in your market.  Pre-screen extensively before they view it and have a written policy that no applications will be accepted until it is viewed.