Investors in Austin

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@Kadija Samura great! I bought another duplex in July and sell a SFH this mpnth. Companies are moving in and tons of people move every month, 100+ people a month. Lots of poeple from NYC, SF, LA, Seattle, etc

I agree with Jordan. I own 6 properties here and looking for more. The future is very bright. That being said, if you are looking for the 1 and 2% rule, Austin is not the place. It is only for investors looking to maximize ROI. We can get positive cash flow but not excessive as we have 40 years of consistent appreciation with the future never being as bright as it is now for the job growth.

@Kadija Samura  We are short on supply in Austin which opens up opportunities to re-purpose existing supply allowing fix and flip investors to enter the market. Buy & hold strategy also strong because of the future of the MSA, cash flowing rentals a little harder.