If anyone's been keeping up with news throughout the Triangle's real estate market, they'll see article after article talking about how hot the market has been. ABC 11 news released an article back in August talking about Raleigh's market in comparison to the nation's average in terms of turn around. Homes were selling on an average of 1 week from day of listing which is 4 times what it was towards the end 2019 and twice what it was in June this year. Overall, Raleigh is selling twice as fast as the rest of the nation and part of that has to do with the high demand, low supply in the area. Homes are in high demand out in the Triangle and sellers are having a hard time keeping up.

What that means is the likelihood of home selling at asking or over asking is higher and you're not sitting on a property for extended periods of time to sell. For investors, it means you're able to move more properties in a shorter amount of time because you're not waiting for that one rehab to sell before being able to move on to the next project. Your investment will probably sell faster than it takes to find your next project so get into the game now while the market is crazy hot. Rates are low, demand is high with fast turn over at or above asking. 

The news article is linked here