Investment Property taxes in NW Indiana

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I recently purchased a 2 unit investment property in NW Indiana (Lake County, Hammond). The assessed value is 182K which is fairly accurate. My tax bill just came in and its 5K a year. My questions are:

- Does 5K a year seem accurate? I assumed my tax rate for an investment prop would be closer to 2% of value or about 3.6K a year.

- Are there any exceptions I can take advantage of to lower my prop tax bill?

- Anyone here paying a similar amount? What are your experiences?

Thanks in advance everyone!

It's 2% plus voter approved crap they can add on top of that. Hammond had some stuff they've voted for the last 2 years to do improvements for the schools. I believe 1 falls off next year but don't quote me on it. Every town is doing it and it sucks. Happy to look into it privately if you want to connect. I buy about 35-40 houses a year in Hammond so know the area well.