Is Albany, NY a good market

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I'm just getting started. I see a property in Albany, I'm interesting in but not sure if the deal is good.  On Popstream the Estimated Market Value is $121,000. Asking price is $199,500. Its 100% fully renovated. Rent will be about $2,300. 3 over 2 duplex.

What do you all think?

Hi @Nicole Green I am an investor and agent in Albany, NY. Generally if you can find a property with about 1.2% rent to price in Albany there is a reasonable chance you will cash flow well. I will send you a message and see if I can be of further assistance.  

I think prop stream is amazing but sometimes misleading....I wholesale, am an agent and invest myself in 5 different states. I think the city of Albany is okay but there are definitely better places in the capital region to invest, check out some of the smaller cities on the river potentially. I grew up here and I feel like Albany is generally downtrending as far as its value for investors long term. Anyway I wish you best of luck!