STR Management Turnkey vs Evolve vs Vacasa?

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I'm purchasing a vacation condo in Park City and looking for experience and recommendations with STR Management companies and options to manage it and make sure it's well taken care of for me and my guests. I live 10 hours away in San Diego so I'll need support.

Please let me know your experience with STR Management options. If you own there and use someone I'd love information and referrals.

Thanks in advance!

@Lisa Kay Have you really looked into self managing? Granted it's not for everyone but there are lots of resources available to help you self manage from a distance, which will help you keep a lot more revenue. There are a number of people on BP who openly share how they are able to do so with a full time job. Luke Carl is always adding value in the forums and may be worth reaching out to. Best of luck. 

@Lisa Kay

I currently use Evolve because my current property was already signed with them. I honestly wish I was not with them. Self managing is super easy and having Evolve is more of a nuisance then helpful. They are good at advertising your property and listing them but that’s also easy to do yourself as well. I highly recommend just self management. Good luck 

We signed up with Vacasa the first week of February, just before the Pandemic hit, and it has been a colossal headache.  Had I known how much work I needed to do and how many times I would have to follow up on small items that should have been handled by Vacasa promptly, I would never have signed with them.  The regional manager consistently tells me he will follow up on an issue and nothing changes.  A local area manager that was assigned to our home made so many booking mistakes that we lost our entire summer of income.  She has since left the company and her replacement seems to be competent.  If I could go back to January and tell myself that Vacasa's service fee is not worth the value added, I would.  If I didn't have bookings straight through for high season coming in January, I would have dropped them months ago.

I'm very interested to hear what you mean by hiccups by Turnkey.  I thought the same when we started with Vacasa, but those hiccups turned into a constant stream of issues that in the end cost me quite a lot of income.