Indianapolis landlord told tenants to sell cars and borrow money

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if they can't pay their rent or face aggressive removal.  I know most of us landlords are not like this and in fact are willing to work with tenants who are impacted by the virus shutdowns, but the media will surely focus on it:

Probably an independent landlord who's not keeping up with the news there will be no evictions allowed during the crisis the courts have been closed in the governor has already stated that there will be no evictions for non-payment of rent. Most of the professional property managers are keeping up with the news on a ongoing basis Trunews broadcast as well as through property manager forums associations and Facebook groups. However when this hits the news it creates a lot of ill-will. I'm aware of a property manager in Georgia who sent all of his tenants an email providing them with a list of charities I could help pay the rent he is actually received death threats because of it. 

Landlords are going to be on the firing line for this crisis.  Sensitivity is paramount, as your emails comments might land on social media.  Or worse, Newsweek.

In my hometown, someone is organizing a rent strike for the whole building.  Not fair to the landlord, as not everyone is unemployed by this crisis.

Be prepared and be pro-active.  There are already some good ideas on BiggerPockets.  Watch the Brandon Turner video.   

Keep in mind:  This will pass.  Next, not all of your tenants will fall behind in rent.  

I expect rent to be paid right after groceries are purchased. Nothing should come before these two priorities in your life. Food and shelter.