Replace hvac units before selling home?

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I am planning to sell my multi-family home and I think both my HVAC units have reached end of life and one of them seems broken perhaps I need to replenish with coolant but I can’t confirm until I see an HVAC technician .My question is would it make sense to replace with brand new hvac units before selling? I will appreciate your inputs.


Hey @Peter Morgan ! In my opinion it's generally a good idea to make the sale process as frictionless as possible. So if you have a known broken unit, that will definitely come up on the inspection report and allow for negotiation via the buyer. You could of course offer a credit at that point instead of replacing, which could be easier on your side. If the market you live in is as hot as mine in Denver, you might even get away with not replacing or offering a credit due to the amount of buyers making offers on homes, and knowing they might lose the deal if they ask for a concession. Would definitely recommend reaching out to a local agent to see what is common place in your market. Just a couple ways of looking at it, best of luck!

@Peter Morgan i wouldn't especially in a hot market. Like said above, you can always give allowances or fix it in the option period. But if you get multiple offers you can make it clear that no repairs will be made if they want their offer accepted. But if its a rental with tenants, don't they need a working AC? Although I'm sure it's not as critical in Des Moines as it is further south

@Peter Morgan I'm a local agent here in Des Moines and I would not recommend replacing them, but "plan" to give a seller concession of some capacity acknowledging that you understand the mechanicals are old and the property is priced accordingly.   As a listing agent, there are multiple ways to communicate this to buyers of your property.  You MIGHT be surprised to find someone willing to buy it without new HVAC because typically ppl that buy these properties have replaced them before and "have a guy" that MIGHT be less costly than what you would pay to have them done.

On a side note, I have a handful of buyers that are looking to buy small multi families and are willing to pay market rate, send me a message, maybe we can work out a deal. 

The markets are RED hot right now. People are selling empty shacks for $4 billion. I agree with @Darson Grantham 100%. Unless it increases the ARV or something just plan for some concessions.

Since other members have mentioned market is hot & you will have no trouble selling the property-I'd say it comes down to the agreement you make with the buyer. I recently closed on 3 duplexes & HVAC went out 2 weeks prior to closing date-seller ended up fixing them (brand new hvac in one duplex)-he called it "cost of doing business". According to him the issue fell under his ownership and not mine so he felt he was responsible to fix it-I found out the day of closing along with proof of receipt and warranty. It was a nice gesture on his part. This was off market deal & I didn't pay him market rate for those duplexes-he is retiring and moving to FL. I think every case & seller/buyer is different.