Currently, my unit is being turned over (painted, repaired) from tenants who lived there for 5 years. I will be having my contractor itemize the following costs for repairs to deduct from their security deposit of $2200.

Are these fair and reasonable deductions that go beyond reasonable wear and tear? (Have photos and these were documented on a move-out checklist which the tenant signed after our inspection walk-through.)

1)Berber carpet in 3 bedrooms had to be stripped and removed.

Carpet cleaner stated that carpet was so deeply soiled that it would not be able to be removed by steam cleaning.

    -Deduct labor and disposal for carpet removal fees in all 3 rooms.

    3)Fee for replacement of broken vertical blinds.

    4)Labor for removing and sanitizing mildew large spread of mildew on walls of 2 bathrooms.

    5)Cleaning of unit to return it to the condition in which they first rented house.

    6)Damaged walls (holes) and door (holes).