Charging tenant for repairs

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts are? I have this tenant who called us for her bath tube being clogged up and found out that it was because of the tenant who clogged it up with her hair when showering. We also noticed that the tenant clogged up bath room sink and kitchen sink. We had our handy man come out and fix the issue and charged us for it. And we told her that we will be charging her for it. So anyways she says she can’t afford the $250 up front but is willing to pay $25 above rent, which we are okay with. We got pictures of all the repairs and concerns and handyman took for us. But now she says she slipped and fell and fell in the tube on Thursday, probably has a fraction on her vertebre, as per what she says. I don’t know if she is trying to get something out from us? What what you guys do? Any advice would be appreciated. Just trying to cross all our T’s and dot our i’s!

I wouldn't read into it. It seems odd that all of the drains were clogged with her hair-including the kitchen sink.  Depending how long she'd been there, I might have charged her for some, all or none of it.  If she's moved in recently, I'd have paid it assuming it was the previous occupant.

The slip and fall is not your concern. I'd wish her a speedy recovery and show some sympathy. You can let her know what the plumber said about the clogs and suggest ways that she can avoid this happening moving forward (get a new drain cover, be more mindful, etc...) but at the end of the day, what does your lease say? That's what matters.

@Christen G.

Yes, we will show sympathy towards her falling. We will try to find ways to help her from it clogging up again. But our lease says that if she was the cause of it we will charge her for necessary repairs. Which our handyman took pictures of her sink being clogged with hair when removed..

@Michael Plante

I guess she told us about the fall because she is saying she probably has to go get surgery on it. So she asked if we can honor the $25 a month on top of her rent till the bill is paid off. So we will honor that.

Hey @Koob Moua ,

From your reply to the comments, it seem your lease is solid when dealing with repairs. I'm rent a house and they charge 50+ depend on the type of repair. So if she been there 3+ years and your increasing her rent annually, it might be good to add updates to the lease about certain things that could make your landlord experience easier. Good luck mate

@Koob Moua

If she’s been there for three years, has been paying consistently and this is the largest of your issues, you should be thankful. As we all know, we lose money in tenant turnover.

To show sympathy as well as ensure an even longer term tenancy, it might make sense to eat the repair and show her you truly value her business.

It’s a small charge of $250 but if this is the deciding factor for her to find a new place, is it really worth it when it costs a thousand / a couple thousand to turnover? In the long run, if she’s been a good paying consistent low maintenance tenant, eat the charge and thank her for being a valued customer.

@Andrew Freed

Thanks for the feed back I have been pondering that as well! I have been taking care of a lot of things for her in that’s past couple months. We took care of her issue with bed bugs that she brought to the place and paid for the repairs and other maintenance stuff that was probably her fault and took care of it. Not only that she not the cleanest person since she moved in all her boxes are still at the same spot she left it when she first moved in. It’s like a maze to get inside the place per my handy man. So I I believe by looking at the place it might take more cleaning if she leaves.

So what would you do in this position because I’m thinking about raising her rent since she is below market right now.